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The Spectra Sonics 611B is a single channel compressor/limiter design that allows for direct termination with popular microphones and line level devices. In addition, multiple 611B's may be linked together by way of a rear mounted termination buss, (stereo operation).

The unique input isolation transformer used in the 611B allows direct termination to guitars and other high impedance instrument pickups. As a result, costly outboard electronics and/or impedance matching devices are not required.

The 611 is a hand-built discrete design that utilizes hand-selected components, including British made input and output audio isolation transformers.

The 611 operates as an independent peak limiter, compressor, or in combination, respectively. Using the 611B will result in extremely low noise and distortion compressor/limiter performance with unequalled dynamic range and compression capability.

• Dramatic improvement in dynamic range & harmonic content.

• Reduced distortion due to the elimination of transient overload.

• Improved system noise performance.

• Instantaneous control of dynamic range, (compression function).

• Unequaled Guitar/Instrument sonic performance with either passive or active instrument pickups.

• No requirement for de-essing or high frequency equalization.