Introducing the Spectra Sonics M-100 Series Stereo Preamplifier.

Interchangeable Model 101 or Model 110A Preamplifier modules.

Choose your sound.

Spectra Sonics performance and reliability at an offordable price.

  • Dual 101 or 110A Amplifier Modules Per Channel. Select either, or mix and match, the Classic 101, or the 110A Preamplifier Modules.
  • Spectra Sonics Ultra Low Noise and Distortion Performance.
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range.
  • High Quality, Hand-Built Design
  • British Made Input/Output Transformers
  • Up to 75dB of Gain
  • Phantom Power
  • Compact Size: Two M-100s Can Be Mounted Together To Provide Four Channels Of Preamplification In A Single Rack Mount Space.

$1990.00 USD

The Spectra Sonics Model 101 Amplifier

Introduced in 1965, the Model 101 Amplifier was, and continues to be, the standard by which all other solid state audio amplifiers are judged. The performance and reliability of the 101 established a level never seen before, with THD and IM distortion below the residual of the test equipment of the day, with a noise figure below -127dBu, unweighted. In addition, the 101 was the first solid state audio amplifier to provide peak overload capability of up to 1000%. Essentially, peak lights became obsolete, and the VU meter became the reference for audio signal level.

The 101 purchased today is the same 101 that was available almost 50 years ago. Hand selected components that are assembled at the Spectra Sonics, Utah facility go through the same test and checkout process using identical test equipment platforms.

Maximum output for the Model 101 is +18dBu

The Spectra Sonics Model 110A Amplifier

Introduced in 1971, the Model 110A is a bi-polar, (+/- 24 Volt), version of the 101.

The 110A has performance characteristics similar to the 101, but with an increased maximum output level of +24dBu. The noise figure for the 110A is -133dBu, Unweighted.